• CEO of Education reads out the list of schools receiving grants from Government.
  • In Cabinet during the presentation of school grants.
  • School Representatives
  • Principals of Samoa's schools
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25 March 2015

The Government of Samoa disbursed $6m tala worth of grants to schools in Samoa yesterday in a brief ceremony during Cabinet’s afternoon session.
The grant scheme, which started in 1984 with $50,000.00, is now in it’s 31st year and has expanded to include specialised schools.

Grants covered all pre-schools, primary and secondary schools as well as specialised schools across Manono, Upolu and Savaii.  These schools include:

Catholic                                                            $1,819,690.37
Don Bosco Alafua                                        $65,912.67
Don Bosco Savaii                                         $112,635.58
EFKS                                                                 $1,141,791.04
Methodist                                                        $728,793.92
Laumua o Punaoa                                       $73,838.88
Uesiliana Vocational Centre                   $36,293.69
Aso Fitu                                                           $261,147.68
Manumalo Baptist Salelologa                $27,164.18
Manumalo Baptist Leone                        $86,353.94
Baptist Church Primary Tuanai            $61,740.98
All Saints Anglican                                      $29,618.99
Asau Baptist Primary School                 $15,018.08

Ah Mu Academy                                          $124,393.25
Aoga Faavae Le Amosa o Savavau      $21,056.15
Faatuatua Christian School                    $65,436.03
Peace Chapel                                                 $81,309.13
Pesega Fou                                                     $97,182.23
Robert Louis Stevenson                           $207,646.03
Samoa Primary                                            $139,618.47
Vaiala Beach School                                   $50,858.70

Samoa Blind Persons Association       $18,712.57
Loto Taumafai                                             $121,257.49
Fiamalamalama                                          $29,940.12
SENESE                                                          $22,455.09
Nuanua o le Alofa                                       $18,712.57
Samoa Victim Support Group              $38,922.16

Pre-school grants were disbursed in a separate ceremony.

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