The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Susuga Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, delivered the 2015/2016 Budget Address in Parliament yesterday, 26 May 2015.  The English and Samoan versions are copied below.


“Living within our means”


Mr. Speaker

As required under Standing Order 124, it is with great pleasure that I present on behalf of the Government, the Statement on the Estimates for the 2015/2016 fiscal year.


The 2015/16 budget is envisaged to be a tight one. Following the 2008 global financial crisis, the 2009 tsunami and cyclone Evan in 2012, government had to significantly raise spending to respond to these external shocks. The resources required were to a large extent facilitated by our development partners. In 2015/16, we need to rein in spending as the responses to these shocks tail off.

Mr Speaker and Honorable Members

There is no way the government can sustain the high spending levels of the past five years without recourse to increased grants and raising taxes. At the same time we need to work towards reaching the sustainable fiscal deficit of 3.5% of GDP over the medium term.

As a responsible government, we are proposing to cut back spending. And I am pleased to say that we are able to do this without compromising the provision of key services to our people. The message therefore is we need to “live within our means”.


Real GDP is expected to grow by 1.9% and will reach the level of $2.0 billion tala in 2015/16.

The winding down of cyclone related reconstruction works, completion of the SIDS meeting as well as taking a more prudent approach to prioritizing expenditures form the basis for a reduced 2015/16 budget compared to 2014/15. The fiscal deficit is expected to be around 4.7% of GDP which is still higher when compared to 2014/15 but still a credible goal in view of the reduced revenue position.

On the revenue side, there are no major tax and tariff measures being considered except to introduce a health levy on soft drinks, liquor and cigarettes to demonstrate government’s support for a healthy population in particular the school aged kids. A renewable energy levy on fossil fuel is being proposed to facilitate the financing of renewable energy development so that the objective of reduced electricity bills can be achieved as early as possible in addition to moving towards achieving the goal of 100% renewable energy in 2017.

Grant assistance is expected to drop significantly as a result of the reclassification of Samoa’s debt situation from high to medium debt distress which means Samoa no longer qualifies for 100% grant but instead 50% grant and 50% credit. The tailing off of reconstruction works also contributes to the declining grant position in 2015/16.

The government will not commit to any loans unless the new loans are in line with the medium term debt management strategy and the loan funded projects will contribute positively to economic growth.




Mr. Speaker and Honorable Members

I will now provide a brief account of the developments achieved during the five years of this parliamentary term.

Macroeconomic performance over the past five years was greatly hampered by natural disasters and the global financial crisis. In response, the government adopted an expansionary fiscal stance as it embarked on the recovery and rehabilitation works as well as providing the stimulus package to trigger economic activity following the financial crisis.

Despite these difficult times, recovery started to take hold in 2010 with real GDP growth reaching 5.6% in 2010/11. Unfortunately, cyclone Evan struck in December 2012 causing significant damage and substantial losses totaling $470.0 milion tala. As a result growth fell to less than 1% in 2011/12 followed by negative 2% in 2012/13. However with the cyclone recovery program, growth rebounded in 2013/14 registering 1.2%. With the hosting of the SIDS Conference and the construction of major hotels such as Lamana Hotel, Aggie Greys Beach Resort, Aggie Greys Hotel, Aga Reef Resort and Return to Paradise Resort, economic growth was expected to reach 2.3% in 2014/15.

On the education front, substantial resources have been allocated to the sector given it is a priority sector in the SDS. The launch of the Education Sector Plan 2013–2018 provided the platform to identify education priorities that will achieve improved access to education, training and learning outcomes. The Samoa School Relief Scheme providing free education for Primary and Secondary Schools continue to be supplemented by government funding.

The Oceania University of Medicine (OUM) is now under the National University of Samoa’s management and therefore the full benefits of the university will now be accrued to local students without any more outside interference.

The heath sector continues to be a priority sector as demonstrated by the completion of the national hospital at Motootua. The new hospital provides state of the art medical equipments and products to better serve the public. District hospitals at Poutasi, Lalomanu, Safotu, Foailalo and Sataua have been refurbished to ensure the rural communities have readily available access to good health service and medical treatments.

The Agriculture Sector Plan which was launched in May 2011 provides the framework through which agricultural priorities are identified and developed. Support has been focused on revitalizing the sector through the Stimulus Program to replant cocoa, coconut and coffee as well as the Talomua program. This has been complemented by the Samoa Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (SACEP) with the objective of boosting livestock development, and fruit and vegetable farming. The establishment of the Samoa AgriBusiness Project supported by the ADB will provide qualified agribusinesses financial and technical support as well as assistance towards penetrating the export market. Through SROS, research continues into further processing of agricultural products such as avocado and breadfruit for the benefit of the private sector.

As a result of cyclone Evan recovery works, the road network around the country has been substantially improved. The Samusu-Lalomanu road is almost completed. The extension of the four lane road from Vailoa to Vaitele is expected to commence soon. The West Coast road from Apia to Faleolo will be upgraded to ensure resilience to climate change. As well, LTA has put together a road construction plan to improve road conditions around the urban and rural areas.

On the energy sector, government has invested heavily in renewable sources to ensure the community can have the benefit of low cost electricity as soon as possible. We now have a number of solar and wind farms generating electricity and selling to the grid. For power supply stability, the Fiaga Power Station will continue to be maintained going forward.

Substantial investments in the water sector with support from the EU has continued resulting in improved water supply around the urban areas as well as community managed water schemes.

On telecommunications the National Broadband Highway Network (NBHN) project has been completed. This is a major investment which is expected to significantly increase the speed of internal internet communications. It has the capacity to facilitate tele-medicine and tele-education that will benefit the rural communities around the country.

Tourism remains a key sector for Samoa’s development and the government has been providing support to encourage investment in the sector. Such support has allowed the completion of a number of world class hotels such as the Sheraton Aggie Greys Beach Resort, the Return to Paradise Resort at Lefaga, Aga reef Resort at Lalomanu and Orator hotel at Tanumapua. The Lamana Hotel at Taumeasina and the Aggie Grey’s Hotel at Vaisigano are expected to be completed by early next year.

Last year Samoa hosted the SIDS which is the biggest meeting ever held in the Pacific. This is a major investment which has placed Samoa on the world map and exposed our small country to global opportunities in terms of tourism and trade.


Mr. Speaker,

I would now like to highlight the key components of the 2015/16 budget.

Revenue $689,013,681
Ordinary Revenues $551,916,733
External Grants $137,096,948
Expenditures $785,357,784
Statutory Expenditures $103,298,657
Expenditure Programs $478,223,687
Development Expenditures $189,488,730
Unforeseen Expenditures $ 14,346,711
Overall Budget Deficit ($96,344,104)
Financed by:
Soft Term Financing $84,082,700
Cash Deficit after Borrowing ($12,261,404)

The 2015/16 financial year budget is expected to record an overall deficit of $96.34 million tala equivalent to 4.7% of GDP. The overall deficit will be financed through soft term loans.

Although this level is higher compared to 2014/15, it reflects Government’s commitment to clawing back to the medium term target of 3.5%.


Mr. Speaker,

Ordinary Receipts are expected to drop by 0.2% as a result of the revenue foregone for providing fiscal incentives to support hotel investment, manufacturing and renewable energy. As mentioned earlier, grant revenue is expected to drop by 23% reflecting the reclassification of Samoa’s debt status from high to medium debt distress which means Samoa no longer qualify for the full 100% grant assistance but reduced to only 50% grant and 50% loan.

In support of the social and climate change objectives, two revenue raising initiatives are being introduced for implementation in 2015/16:

  1. Health Levy

The government considers it extremely important that our people pursue a healthy living. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases do occur because of what we drink and eat. Sadly our young population are the most at risk. Equally important is that the government spends substantial amount of resources every year on treating these diseases. To help break this trend, the government is proposing a 6.5% health levy to be applied to the prices of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as well as a 5% excise tax on tobacco products.

  1. Renewable Energy Levy

Climate change has emerged to be a key development challenge for every country irrespective of size. Burning fossil fuels contribute enormously to damaging the environment and we are beginning to see a number of natural disasters with higher frequency and intensity as a result. As a responsible government, we need to move to adopting a renewable energy framework that will minimize the level of emission. As a result, a renewable energy levy of 6.5sene per litre will be applied on fuel imports to promote investment in renewable energy sources. Such an initiative will also deliver the added advantage of achieving the dual objective of lower electricity costs to the consumers and achieving 100% renewable in 2017.


Mr Speaker and Honourable Members,

The proposed total expenditure budget amounts to $785.4m falling short of the current year by 2%. This demonstrates government’s commitment to prudent expenditure prioritization to be in line with revenue generation so as to maintain the fiscal deficit at an affordable level.

I will now highlight key expenditure priorities for 2015/16:

  1. Health Sector

The total budget allocation for the Health Sector is $79.3 million tala representing 17% of total expenditure programs. The following provisions reflect the Government’s commitment to this priority sector:

  • $7.6 million is provided towards the Ministry of Health operations;
  • $6.1 million grant is earmarked for the National Kidney Foundation;
  • $63.8 million grant is provided for the National Health Services for the hospital’s operations;
  • $2.5 million has been provided to cover the cost of the overseas medical treatment scheme;
  1. Education Sector

The total budget for the sector is $79.07million tala representing 16.5% of total estimates and 4% as a proportion of total GDP. The key priority areas are:

  • $50.4 million to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture for normal operations
  • $6.0 million grant for Private and Mission Schools
  • $2.76 million for the Samoa Qualifications Authority
  • $11.05 million grant for the National University of Samoa
  • $1.5 million to fund stationeries for all Government Schools

This excludes $5.7m towards the implementation of the School Fee Grant Scheme for both Primary and Secondary Education currently administered under the Ministry of Finance.

  1. Infrastructure


A total of $11.3 million is allocated to EPC to support ongoing developments. Of this amount, $7 million is provided to compensate EPC for VAGST payments on fuel with the balance of $4.3 million earmarked for community service obligations (CSO).


The Samoa Water Authority will receive a budget allocation of $12 million. Of this amount, $4.22 million will go towards community service obligations (CSO) with $7.78 million financing for key water investment priorities under the EU budget support.

Roads and Bridges:

Total Government grant to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is $19.9 million towards maintenance works required for bridges and the road network around the country. This appropriation is 17% lower than the current year representing the conclusion of most of the reconstruction works following cyclone Evan.


Telecommunication is a key priority sector providing support service that is critical to business development and consumers. To reinforce development in this sector, the following allocations have been confirmed for 2015/2016:

  • A $4.23 million budget is allocated to meet the Ministry of Communication’s operations.
  • $1.74 million is allocated to fund the operations of the Office of the Regulator;
  • $1.2 million has been earmarked as government contribution to the National Broadband Highway annual fees; and
  • $7.4 million through a grant assistance from the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank for a submarine cable.
  1. Agriculture

The Agriculture Sector has an allocation of $13.6 million for the year 2015/16. The key initiatives are:

  • $11.3 million to the Ministry of Agriculture’s operations;
  • $0.50 million allocated for the implementation of Agriculture Shows.

Not included in these figures is the support provided under the World Bank through the Samoa Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Project which will provide an additional $4.9million to the sector aiming at promoting import substitution and improving food security. Furthermore, an additional $3.7 million will also be provided to continue to support Cyclone Recovery efforts for the sector.

The Asian Development Bank is also supporting the Agribusiness Project providing technical and market access assistance to small to medium enterprises in the sector with an assistance valued at $370,000 for the 2015/16 fiscal year.

  1. Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing

The Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing Sector is also a key sector of the economy as one of the driving forces behind economic development. The following are initiatives for the sector in 2015/16:

  • $3.98million to the Ministry of Commerce operations;
  • $9.32million to the Samoan Tourism Authority;
  • $450,000 to support the Small Business Entreprise Centre;
  • $200,000 general support to the Private Sector; and
  • $125,300 to the continuous apprenticeship training under the National University of Samoa.
  1. Commonwealth Youth Games 2015

The Government is allocating a total of $5million to the hosting of the Commonwealth Youth Games in September 2015 where Samoa will host an approximate 1,500 athletes and officials from 69 countries of the Commonwealth.


A provision of $14.35 million tala has been provided to cover unforeseen expenditures that may arise during the course of the next fiscal year.


The Government is also proposing to table a Second Supplementary Budget for the financial year 2014/2015. The supplementary budget is cost neutral as it will be funded from the reallocation of existing resources. Therefore it has no impact of the fiscal deficit.


Mr. Speaker and Honourable Members,

As you will note Mr Speaker, the 2015/16 budget has been framed with the objective of living within our means. This is the most sustainable approach going forward. We can no longer depend on the generosity of our development partners forever. We need to look internally at the revenue generated domestically and ask the hard question….what can we afford given the revenue we have. We need to be prudent in prioritizing our development agenda so that the service delivery to the public is not compromised. This is the hard reality of being a middle income country having graduated from the LDC status last year.

At this point I would like on behalf of the government and people of Samoa to acknowledge the support and generosity of our development partners. Thank you very much for your support to our development.

In closing I would also like to acknowledge everyone’s support to the development of our country. We thank you and may God continue to bless you all as we prepare to celebrate our 53rd Independence Anniversary.


Mr. Speaker,

I commend the 2015/16 Budget to the House.






“Fua le mana’o i seleni ua maua”


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai,

E tusa ai ma le Tulafono Tumau 124, e ia te a‟u le ava ma le faaaloalo, e avea ai a‟u e fai ma Sui o le Malo, ou te tuuina atu se otootoga o le Tala Faatatau Autu o le Tupe mo le tausaga faale-tupe 2015/16 i luma o le laulauafono a le Palemene.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai ma Sui Mamalu o le Palemene,

O lenei tala o le tupe o lo‟o faavae i se faasoa ua „uti‟uti ma lē lava. Talu mai tulaga ogaoga sa feagai ma lo tatou tamaoaiga e pei o le faaletonu o le tamaoaiga o le lalolagi i le 2008, galulolo i le 2009 ma le afā o Evani i le 2012, sa maitauina ai le siita‟i o tupe faaalu a le Malo e tali atu ai i ia faaletonu. Sa maitauina fo‟i o nei tupe faaalu, sa tele se sao o atunuu mai fafo i lona faatupeina. Peita‟i o le tausaga 2015/16, o le a matuā tuuitiitia tupe faaalu ona o lea ua tele ina maea galuega lavea‟i ma galuega tau atia‟e sa feagai ma le Malo.

Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai ma Sui Mamalu o le Palemene

O le upu moni e le gafatia e le Malo le faaauau pea o ia tupe faaalu maualuluga e pei ona i ai i le 5 tausaga ua tuana‟i e aunoa ma le fesoasoani a a tatou paaga poo le siitia o a tatou tiute ma lafoga. E ao foi ina tatou faasoasoa tatau tupe faaalu ina ia ausia le tapulaa o le faasiliga o tupe faaalu nai lo tupe maua i le 3.5% o le tuuaofaiga o le tamaoaiga.

Ina ia ausia lea tulaga, o lea ua manatu ai le Malo ina ia tuuitiitia tupe faaalu i le tausaga fou. Ma ou te fiafia e faailoa atu ua mafai ona faatino lea tulaga e aunoa ma le oia o le auaunaga mo le mamalu o le atunuu. O le feau taua ina ia fua le mana‟o i seleni ua maua.


E i ai le manatu o le a siitia le tamaoaiga i le 1.9% i le tausaga 2015/16 ma o le a ausia foi le tuuaofaiga e $2.0 piliona tala.

O le tau faai‟ui‟u ai o galuega toe faaleleia talu mai le afa o Evani ma le mae‟a ai o le fono tele a atunuu laiti o le lalolagi lea sa usuia i Samoa nei i le tausaga ua tuana‟i, o le a avea lea ma faavae e tuuitiitia ai tupe faaalu i le 2015/16 fua i le 2014/15. O le faasiliga o tupe faaalu nai lo tupe maua o le a faamauina lea i le 4.7% o le tamaoaiga. E maualuga atu nai lo le tapulaa e 4.2% na fuafua mo le 2014/15, peita‟i o se alafua iloga pe a fua i le tulaga pa‟ū maualalo o tupe maua.

I le vaega o tupe maua, e leai se faamoemoe e siitia tiute ma lafoga. Peita‟i e i ai le faamoemoe e faatino nai suiga laiti i le lafoga mo fagu inu suamalie, ava malosi faapea sikaleti ina ia unaia le soifua maloloina, aemaise lava i le tupulaga laiti. O loo fuafua foi e faatino se lafoga e lagolagosua ai i le atina‟e o malosiaga faafouina (renewable energy source). O lea fuafuaga o le a vave ai ona ausia le faaitiitia o le tau o le eletise i le mamalu o le atunuu faapea foi ona ausia le manulauti ina ia 100% le eletise e maua mai le malosi faafouina i le tausaga 2017.

O le a pa‟ū maualalo tupe faameaalofa mai a tatou paaga i le tausaga fou. Ua mafua lea tulaga ona o le toe fetuunaiga o le tulaga o loo i ai a tatou nonogatupe lea ua see mai i le high to medium debt distress. O lona uiga o le a lē toe agavaa Samoa i le 100% o tupe faameaalofa ae see atu i le 50% tupe faameaalofa 50% tupe nono. O le a fesoasoani foi le mae‟a ai o galuega toe faaleleia ona o le afa o Evani i le pa‟ū maualalo o tupe faameaalofa i le tausaga fou.

E leai se faamoemoe e toe faatino nisi nonogatupe sei vagana ua ausia aiaiga o le Taiala mo

Nogatupe pe iloga sona sao i le atina‟e o le tamaoaiga.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai ma sui mamalu o le Palemene,

E ia te a’u le ava ma le faaaloalo, oute tuuina atu ai se otootoga o faamatalaga i nisi o atina‟e sa ausia i le lima tausaga talu ai o lenei nofoaiga faapalemene.

Na a‟afia le tamaoaiga o le atunuu i le lima tausaga ua mavae e mafua mai i faalavelave faalenatura faapea ai ma le faaletonu o le tamaoaiga o le lalolagi (global financial crisis). Sa tali atu le malo i nei aafiaga e ala lea i le siitai o tau tupe faaalu aua le fa‟atinoina o galuega toe fa‟aleleia ma faataoto polokalame e una‟ia ai atina‟e mo le tamaoaiga o le atunuu talu mai le faaletonu o le tamaoaiga o le lalolagi.

E ui i le tulaga ma‟ale‟ale sa iai, na iloga ona siitia le tamaoaiga i le 5.6% i le tausaga faaletupe

2010/11. Na faatupulaia le tamaoaiga i le 0.4% i le 2011/12 ae pa‟ū maualalo i le 2% i le 2012/13 ona o aafiaga o le afa o Evani ia Tesema 2012 lea na faaleagaina ai le tele o vaega o le atunuu. Ae peita‟i, na toe siitia le tamaoaiga i le 2013/14 i le 1.2% ona o galuega toe faaleleia o le Afa o Evani. O loo faamoemoe o le a siitia le tamaoaiga i le 2.3% i le tausaga faaletupe 2014/15 talu ai ona o le taligamalo i le Fonotaga mo Atunuu Laiti Tauatiae o le lalolagi ma le fausiaina o faletalimalo tetele e pei o le Lamana Hotel, Aggie Greys Beach Resort, Aggie Greys Hotel, Aga Reef Resort ma le Return to Paradise Resort.

I le itu tau i aoaoga, e tele fesoasoani i lenei vaega ona o se tasi o vaega o lo‟o ave iai le faamuamua a le Malo e tauala atu i le Taiala mo le Atina‟e o Samoa (SDS). Sa sami aloa‟ia le

Fuafuaga Faataatitia mo Vaega Maoti o Aoaoga 2013 – 2018 e limata‟ita‟iina ai galuega faamuamua mo le atina‟e o aoga. Sa faapea fo‟i ona fesoasoani le malo i le Polokalame mo le totogiina o Pili Aoga o tamaiti aoga Tulaga Lua faapea ma Kolisi.

Ua faapea foi ona tuuina atu i lalo o le faamalumaluga a le Univesite Aoao o Samoa le Iunivesite

Faafomai (Oceania University of Medicine) ma o fa‟amanuiaga uma e ono maua mai ai o le a pa‟u tonu i tamaiti aoga o le atunuu e aunoa ma le toe aiāina mai fafo.

O le ma‟ea ai o le Maota Gasegase i Motootua e atagia ai le faamuamua a le Malo i le atina‟e o le soifua maloloina. O lenei falema‟i ua faatotogaina i masini faaonapo neie faatino ai togafitiga ma auaunaga mo tagata lautele. Ua ma‟ea fo‟i ona toe faaleleia falema‟i faaitumalo i Poutasi,

Lalomanu, Safotu, Foailalo ma Sataua ina ia maua pea e le mamalu lautele togafitiga i nuu i tua auaunaga uma tau i le Soifua Maloloina.

I le vaega o faatoaga, ua mae‟a ona faalauiloa aloaia le Fuafuaga Faataatia mo le Vaega Maoti o Faatoaga e limataitaiina ai galuega faamuamua. Sa faamuamua le toe lalagaina o le vaega o faatoaga e ala i le polokalame faatosina mo le toe totoina o le koko, niu ma le kofe faapea le polokalame o le Talomua. O loo va‟ava‟alua lea galuega ma le polokalame mo le unaia o atina‟e o Faatoaga( SACEP) e ala i le faaleleia o lafumanu ma faatoaga mo fualaau faisua ma fualaau aina. Ua amatalia foi se poloketi mo le unaia o Faatoaga Faapisinisi (Agribusiness). O lenei taumafaiga o le a agavaa ai pisinisi tau faatoaga i nonogatupe ma atina‟e ai maketi i fafo mo le faatauina atu o fua o faaeleelega. O lo‟o faaauau pea foi suesuega a le Faalapotopotoga o Suesuega Faasaienisi a Samoa mo metotia e gaosia ai oloa mai fua o faaeleelega e pei o le avoka ma le ulu e fesoasoani ai i le au faipisinisi.

I le tulaga o ala tetele, ua tele ina siitia ma faaleleia le tulaga o auala i le atunuu atoa talu ai galuega toe faaleleia ona o le afa o Evani. Ua le toe mamao ae faamaea le auala fou mai Samusu i Lalomanu. O le a faapea foi ona toe faaauau le auala mai Vailoa e agai atu i Vaitele. O le auala mai Apia i Faleolo o le a toe faaleleia ina ia „alofia le aafiaga ona o suiga o le tau. Ua maea fausia fo‟i e le Pulega o Femalagaiga i luga o le Laueleele fuafuaga mo le siitia o tulaga o auala i totonu o le taulaga faapea ma afioaga i tua.

O lo‟o ave pea le faamamafa i le atina‟eina o malosiaga faafouina ina ia vave ausia le eletise i se tau maualalo ma gafatia e o tatou tagata. Ua mafai nei ona gaosia le eletise mai malosiaga faafouina e pei o le malosi o le lā faapea le savili. O lo‟o mata‟ituina lelei le fale eletise i Fiaga i ina ia mautinoa le maua pea e tagata nuu le auaunaga tau eletise i soo se taimi.

O loo faaauau pea le fesoasoani a le Iuni a Europa i le faatupeina o atina‟e o le Suavai ina ia siitia pea le auaunaga mo le atunuu lautele.

I le itu tau i fesoota‟iga, ua ma‟ea nei le atina‟e mo le Faalauteleina o Fesootaiga Faatekonolosi (National Broadband Highway Network). O lenei atina‟e taua o le‟ā fesoasoani malosi i le siitia o le saoasaoa i fesootaiga tau tekonolosi. E mafai foi ona fesoasoani i auaunaga faa-Soifua maloloina faapea ma a‟oa‟oga ina ia faigofie fesootaiga ma nu‟u ma afio‟aga i tua.

O le vaega o Turisi o se tasi lea o atina‟e taua o loo ave pea iai le faamuamua ma le lagolago a le malo. O le fesoasoani a le malo ua mafai ai ona fausia fale talimalo tetele e pei o le Sheraton Aggie Grey‟s Beach Resort, Return to Paradise Resort i Lefaga, Aga Reef Resort i Lalomanu faapea le Orator Hotel i Tanumapua. O isi fale talimalo e pei o le Lamana Hotel i Taumeasina ma le Aggie Grey‟s Hotel i Vaisigano o lo‟o fuafua e mae‟a le fausiaina i le amataga o le tausaga fou.

I le tausaga ua tuana‟i, sa talimalo ai Samoa i le fonotaga muamua aupito i telē i totonu o le Pasefika mo atunu‟u laiti tauatia‟e o le lalolagi. O se avanoa lelei lea e saga faalauiloa ai Samoa i le lalolagi ma fa‟atupula‟ia ai tagata tafafao mai faapea fefa‟atauaiga.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai


O le oto‟otoga lenei o le Tala Faatatau Autu o le Tupe mo le Tausaga Faaletupe 2015/16:

Tupe Maua $689,013,681
Tupe Maua Masani $551,916,733
Tupe Faameaalofa mai Fafo $137,096,948
Tupe Fa’aalu $785,357,784
Tupe Fa‟aalu Faaletulafono $103,298,657
Tupe Fa‟aalu i Polokalame $478,223,687
Tupe Fa‟aalu i Atina‟e $189,488,730
Tupe Fa‟aalu le Fuafuaina $ 14,346,711
Faasiliga o Tupe Alu i Tupe Maua ($96,344,104)
Faatupeina mai:
Nonogatupe e māmā tului $84,082,700
Tupe Pa’ū ($12,261,404)

O le aotelega o le Tala o le Tupe ua faamoemoe e faamauina ai se faasiliga o tupe faaalu nai lo tupe maua e tusa lea ma le $96.3 miliona tala poo le 4.7% o le tamaoaiga. O lenei faasiliga o le a faatupeina mai nonogatupe e maualalo o latou tului.

O lenei tulaga o lo‟o atagia ai le naunauta‟iga o le Malo ina ia ausia le 3.5% i se taimi lata mai.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai,

O le a faaitiitia Tupe Maua masani ile 0.2% e mafua mai lea i faatosina e unaia ai le atina‟e o faletalimalo, oloa gaosi faapea malosiaga faafouina. E pei ona ta‟ua muamua e 23% o le a pa‟ū ai tupe faameaalofa mai tatou paaga talu ai ona ua suia le faatulagaina o aitalafu a Samoa mai le “high debt distress” ile “medium debt distress” ma ua avea ma tulaga e lē toe agava‟a ai Samoa ile 100% o tupe faamealofa ae ua agava‟a nei ile na‟o le 50% tupe faamealofa; 50% tupe nono.

Ina ia ausia taiala mo le soifua manuia faapea le tali atu i suiga o le tau, o lea ua manatu ai le Malo e faatino faiga faavae o loo taua i lalo mo le tausaga 2015/16:

  1. Lafoga i fagu inu suamalie, ava malosi ma tapa’a

O le soifua maloloina o tagatanu‟u Samoa o se luitau e ave iai le faamuamua a le Malo. O le tele o faama‟i lē pipisi e aofia ai le tino puta, toto maualuga, ma‟i suka ma nisi o lo‟o faatupula‟ia pea talu ai mea ai taumafa. Ua maitauina foi le faatupula‟ia o vaegatupe faaalu a le Malo auā le togafitiga o nei gasegase. Ina ia faaitiitia nei tulaga, o lea o le a faatino ai le lafoga mo fagu inu suamalie ma le ava malosi e tusa ma le 6.5% faatasi ai ma le 5% o le lafoga i tapa‟a.

  1. Lafoga mo le atina’e o malosi’aga faafouina;

O aafiaga ona o suiga o le tau oni luitau o loo feagai ma atunuu taitasi o le lalolagi. O le faaaogaina o sua‟u‟u mo soo se atina‟e ua mautinoa e tele se aafiaga o le siosiomaga ma e tele sona sao i le faatupula‟ia o mala faalenatura e pei ona maitauina nei. Ua manatu nei la le Malo e unaia le atina‟e o malosiaga faafouina ina ia tuuitiitia le faaleagaina o le siosiomaga ona o kasa oona.

Ina ia ausia lea tulaga, o le a faaopopo ai se lafoga e 6.5sene i le lita mo le atina‟e o malosiaga faafouina. O lenei fuafuaga o le a vave ausia ai foi le ono faaitiitia o pili eletise mo le mamalu o le atunuu faapea le taunuu o le manulauti ina ia 100% le eletise e maua mai i malosi faafouina i le tausaga 2017.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai ma sui mamalu o le Palemene

O le aofa‟iga o tupe fa‟aalu fuafuaina mo le 2015/16 e $785.4m ma e tusa ma le 2% e pa‟u ai pe a faatusa ile tausaga o lo‟o faagasolo nei. O lo‟o atagaia mai ai le naunauta‟iga o le Malo ina ia faasoasoa tatau tupe faaalu e fua i tupe maua ina ia ausia alafua tau tupe talafeagai.

O le a ou auiliiliina atu atina‟e o lo‟o ave iai le fa‟amuamua mo le tausaga faaletupe 2015/16:

  1. Soifua Maloloina

E $79.3 miliona tala ua faaagaga mo atina‟e ma polokalame a le vaega o le Soifua Maloloina e tusa lea ma le 17% o le aotelega o tupe faaalu. O vaega nei ua ave iai le faamuamua:

  • $7.6miliona e faatino ai le tautua a le Matagaluega o Soifua Maloloina;
  • $6.1miliona e fesoasoani ai ile Faalapotopotoga mo Gasegase Faamama Toto;
  • $63.8miliona ua faaagaga mo le Auaunaga Faa-Soifua Maloloina;
  • $2.5miliona ua faaagaga nei mo gasegase e auina atu mo togafitiga i fafo.
  1. A’oa’oga

E $79.07 miliona tala ua fuafuaina nei mo atina‟e o A‟oa‟oga e tusa lea ma le 16.5% o le aotelega o tupe faaalu a le Malo poo le 4% pe a fua i le tuuaofaiga o le tamaoaiga. O vaega nei o le a ave i ai le faamuamua:

  • $50.4miliona mo galuega ma auaunaga a le Matagaluega o Aoga;
  • $6.0miliona ua faaagaga e faameaalofa atu mo Aoga a Ekalesia ma Aoga Tumaoti;
  • $2.76miliona e fesoasoanai atu ai ile Pulega o Faailoga ma Tusi Pasi Tauaoloa o Samoa;
  • $11.05miliona e faamatu‟u atu mo le Iunivesite Aoao o Samoa;
  • $1.5miliona e faatupeina ai api, peni ma meaaoga uma e faaaogaina e alo ma fanau aoga mo aoga uma a le Malo.

E le o aofia ai le $5.7miliona i lalo o le Matagaluega o Tupe o lo‟o fuafua nei mo le faatinoina o le Polokalame mo Pili Aoga e fesoasoani ai ile faaaoogaina o le fanau ale atunu‟u.

  1. Atina’e Tetele


E $11.3 miliona se vaega tupe o lo‟o tuuina atu ile Malosi‟aga tau Eletise mo latou auaunaga masani. Mai lenei aofa‟iga e $7 miliona e totogi ai lafoga tau suauu a‟o le paleni e $4.3miliona ua faaagaga mo auaunaga mo nuu ma alalafaga i tua.


E $12 miliona o le a faamatu‟u atu lea ile Pulega o le Suavai. Mai lea aofa‟iga e $4.22miliona o le a fesoasoani ai i auaunaga mo nu‟u ma alalafaga i tua ma le $7.78 miliona mai le Iuni o Europa (European Union) auā atina‟e tetele mo le siitia o auanaga masani.

Auala Tetele ma Ala laupapa

O le aofa‟iga o le fesoasoani a le Malo mo le Ofisa o Fela‟ua‟iga ile Laueleele e tusa ma le $19.9miliona auā galuega faaleleia mo auala tetele ma ala laupapa. O lenei vaegatupe e 17% e itiiti ai nai lo le tausaga o lo‟o faagasolo nei ma e atagia mai ai le faamae‟aina o le tele o galuega sa moomia talu ai aafiaga mai le Afa o Evani.

Feso’ota’iga Tau Tekonolosi

O le vaega nei mo feso‟ota‟iga tau tekonolosi o se tasi o vaega o lo‟o ave iai le faamuamua a le Malo talu ai lona sao ile atina‟e o pisinisi aemaise ai le atina‟ega o le tamaoaiga atoa. Ina ia faamausaliina lenei faamuamua, o atina‟e nei o lo‟o faasaga iai le fesoasoani a le Malo:

  • E $4.23  miliona  o  e  fesoasoani  ai  i  galuega  ma  auaunaga  a  le  Matagaluega  o


  • $1.74 miliona ua tuuina atu mo auaunaga a le Ofisa o le Pule Faatonu;
  • $1.2 miliona le sao a le Malo e totogi ai auaunaga tau feso‟ota‟iga i luga o initaneti e faaaoga ai pe‟au lautele mo fesoota‟iga i Samoa (National Broadband Highway);
  • O lo‟o iai fo‟i se fesoasoani faameaalofa mai le Fale Tupe o Asia ma le Fale Tupe ale Lalolagi e tusa ma le $7.4 miliona e faatupe ai se isi aupega mo fesootai‟ga o lo‟o ile taele o le sami (Submarine Cable).
  1. Faato’aga

O le aofa‟i o tupe faalu fuafuaina mo le atina‟e o faatoaga e tusa ma le $13.6 miliona mo le tausaga 2015/16 aua vaega nei:

  • $11.3 miliona o le a tuuina atu mo galuega ma auaunaga a le Matagaluega o Faatoaga;
  • $0.5 miliona o le a faaagaga lea mo polokalame masani mo le faalauiloaina o fua o faaeleeleaga;

E le o aofia i totonu o lenei aofaiga le fesoasoani o lo‟o tuuina mai le Fale Tupe o le Lalolagi e $4.9m tala aua le Una‟ia o Atina‟e tau Faato‟aga (SACEP) e aofia ai le atina‟e o fualaau ‟aina ma lafu manu papalagi ina ia tuuitiitia le faalagolago i oloa faatauina mai fafo mo le fofoga taumafa. O lo‟o iai fo‟i ma se vaegatupe e $3.7 miliona tala e fesoasoani ai ile toe faaleleia o faatoaga sa aafia tele ile Afa o Evani.

O lo‟o fesoasoani mai fo‟i le Fale Tupe o Asia i le Unaia o Pisinisi mo Faifaatoaga lea o lo‟o tuuina mai ai le $370,000 mo le tausaga faaletupe 2015/16.

  1. Fefaatauaiga, Pisinisi ma Alamanuia

O le atina‟e o Fefaataua‟iga, Pisinisi ma oloa gaosi, o se tasi lea o vaega o lo‟o ave iai le faamuamua aua e faamoemoe tele iai le atina‟e o le tamaoaiga. O nisi nei o vaega o lo‟o ave iai le faamuamau:

  • $3.98 miliona o le a tuuina atu lea mo le faatinoina o auaunaga a le Matagaluega mo Pisinisi, Alamanuia ma Leipa;
  • $9.32 miliona e fesoasoani ai i galuega faatino a le Ofisa mo Tagata Tafafao Maimoa mai Fafo;
  • $450,000 o le a tu‟u atu e fesoasoani ai i galuega a le Ofisa mo le Atina‟e o Pisinisi Laiti (SBEC);
  • $200,000 e tuuina atu lea mo le Vaega Tumaoti;
  • $125,300 o le a fesoasoani ai ile faaauauina o le polokalame Aperitenisi o lo‟o faatautaia i le Iunivesite Aoao o Samoa.
  1. Taaloga mo Tupulaga Talavou o Malo o le Taupulega 2015

E $5 miliona ua faaagaga nei aua le taligamalo mo taaloga a tupulaga talavou o Malo o le taupulega e pei ona fuafuaina mo le masina o Setema 2015. O lenei faamoemoe e tusa ma le 1,500 tagata o le a malaga mai ai mai atunuu e 69 o le taupulega.


E $14.35 miliona se vaegatupe o lo‟o faaagaga nei mo ni faamoemoe le fuafuaina e ono tula‟i mai i totonu o le tausaga faaletupe 2015/16.


Ua tuuina atu faatasi ma le Tala Faatatau Faaopopo Lona Lua o le Tupe 2014/15. O lenei Tala Faatatau Faaopopo Lona Lua o le Tupe e lēai sona tau faaopoopo ma o le a faatupe lava i le fetuunaiga o seleni o loo i ai nei.


Lau afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai ma le mamalu o le maota,

O lenei tala o le tupe o lo‟o faavae i le sini autu “Fua le mana‟o i seleni ua maua”. O le taiala aupito sili lea ona talafeagai mo se tamaoaiga mausali. E le mafai ona tatou faalagolago pea lava pea i le agalelei o a tatou paaga mai fafo. E tatau ona tatou taga‟i toto‟a i tupe maua o loo afua mai le lotoifale ma fesili…o a atina‟e faamuamua e gafatia e seleni ua maua. E tatau foi ona fuafua tatau galuega e tatau ona ave i ai le faamuamua ina ia aua ne‟i oia auaunaga mo le mamalu o le atunuu. O le taunuuga lea o le aveesea o Samoa ma atunuu tau atia‟e.

Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai  ma sui mamalu o le Maota

E fia faaleo le agaga o le faafetai ma le faamalō a le Malo i a tatou pa‟aga o lo‟o saofāgā mai i le atina‟e o Samoa. Faafetai agalelei ma le lagolago mai i le atina‟e o Samoa.

E fia faamauina fo‟i le faafetai i le mamalu o le atunuu mo la outou lagolagosua aemaise o talosaga aua se manuia o si o tatou atunu‟u. O la matou tatalo, ia i ai pea le agalelei ma faamanuiaga a le Atua i a Samoa a‟o tatou aga atu i le faamanatuina o le 53 tausaga o le tuto‟atasi o lo tatou Malo.


Lau Afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai,

I lo‟u agaga faaaloalo tele, ou te tuuina atu ai le Tala Faatatau Autu o le Tupe, mo le tausaga

2015/2016 mo le lauiliuina e le Palemene.




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