Press Release from the Ministry of Education

The continuation of the Primary Mathematics and Science Project or PMSP has again started its second year this month with another round of training at Saina Primary School. Two new experts from Japan will facilitate the course and will focus on the creation of a Teaching Plan and Resources Development for Problem-Solving Learning.

This project aims to improve the skills of Primary School teachers and students in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. The target groups are students of year 4, 5 and 6.

Our visiting experts will conduct training on June 9th & 10th, June 16th  & 17th , and June 30th & July 1st. Demonstrations to motivate our students, from the two lecturers Mr Takayama for Science and Mr Honda for Mathematics, will take place during the second week.

The PMSP also looks forward to the arrival of the new project manager around August this year. Mr Hirakawa, will visit the pilot school and surrounding schools under the project in both Upolu and the big island of Savaii. This will be a good chance for the visitors to observe our teachers in primary schools while teaching Science and Mathematics in the classrooms as well as the progress from our students in the two subjects.

This Primary Mathematics and Science Project is expected to continue next year as well.


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