Samoa has confirmed a Dengue Fever serotype 3 outbreak since early July 2015.

The total of Dengue-like illnesses (DLI) is recorded at 121.  So far, most cases are from the North West part of Upolu. The age groups that have been most affected are under 25 years of age with a current attack rate of 0.6 per 1,000 population.

Our case definition is of DLI with an acute fever and any two of the following signs and symptoms: joint and muscle pains; maculo-pappular rash; severe headaches; nausea and vomiting; pains behind the eyes; bleeding and leucopenia.

To date, there have been 12 hospital admissions with two Dengue Hemorrhagic cases.  No deaths have been reported so far.

Over 437 DENV tests were requested in July.

Control Measures
Multi-media campaigns for Public Health awareness are ongoing with emphasis on the importance of cleanliness and reduction of breeding sites for mosquitoes.
The Ministry of Health also drives a multi-sectoral approach for the National Vector Control Committee involving various Government ministries and other organizations to assist in mobilising community  engagement in source reduction and clean up campaigns, but also in funding response for vector-borne outbreaks.

The positive results from this Multi-Sectoral Committee model encourages budget allocation by each ministry and corporation of chemicals and supplies needed.

Vector Surveillance has instigated the laying of special traps and identification of types of mosquitoes captured. Testing for infected mosquitoes will soon be available locally.

Peri-focal spraying, fumigation and control efforts continues for selected sites.

Enhanced surveillance of DENV outbreak has engaged public and private clinical practices with CME refresher sessions.  This includes refresher trainings on DENV management for peripheral clinical sites for Upolu and Savaii.

For the Full Report, click the link below:
Situation Report for July – Dengue Fever Outbreak in Samoa

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