Yearly Archives: 2015

1. Appointment of Samoa’s Consul General in American Samoa.
2. $45,000.00 for the Samoa Weightlifting Federation.
3. Renovation and Extension Works for Malietoa Tanumafili II Hospital.
4. Polynesian Pacific Group meeting.
5. Financial Assistance for Marist Sports Club.
6. Catering Services for Commonwealth Youth Games 2015 .

The village of Manunu celebrated the opening of their reconstructed school building yesterday (19/02/15).  The project was funded through Japan’s Grassroots Human Security Projects and in partnership with the Government of Samoa.  This is the third Japan-funded school to be handed over for 2015 with more projects in the pipeline. Minister of Education, Sports and Culture Magele Mauiliu […]

“What part of free speech covers the incorrect, inflammatory and utterly irresponsible article by this reporter?
The inaccuracies, generalisations, exaggerations, and absolute disregard for the truth is staggering. To carelessly string together a few unrelated quotes from across the internet about international finance and slap on a provocative headline shows the reporter doesn’t respect his profession!”

Press Release 17th February 2015 Today, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) through ICCRIFS project is working with Conservation International to review the major scientific findings of their project on improving the resilience of upland forests of Samoa to climate change. Based on these findings, management plans will be produced for Lake Lanato’o […]

This is the translation of the interview with the Prime Minister on 14/02/15 conducted in Samoan by the Savali Newspaper. Question:  Sir, you are quoted by the Observer as saying that a billion fishing licences issued by our Fisheries Authorities would be quite nice for Samoa.. Answer: I was misquoted.  I said 100 billion licences, […]

1. Parliament Sessions relocating to TATTE Conference Centre.
2. Catering Contract for Commonwealth Youth Games.
3. Report on Pace-net Plus Meeting.
4. New General Manager of ACC.
5. Service contract for Fiaga Powerplant.
6. Education Minister vying for seat on UNESCO Exec Board.