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23 March 2016

Update on Samoa’s Mission in Brussels

In light of the devastating news of terrorist attacks in Belgium, the Government of Samoa would like to share an update on its Overseas Mission based in the worst-hit city of Brussels.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Samoa’s Ambassador, Embassy staff and their families are safe and well.  It should be noted that as the attacks occurred near or on critical transport lines and located  particularly close to the EU Commission and Council, the city of Brussels is currently under lockdown.

Based on advice from Samoa’s Mission in Brussels, and in anticipation of worsening conditions and possible closures of businesses in the city, MFAT has given its approval for Samoa’s Embassy to take precautionary measures and relevant steps by closing down if they feel that their safety and security are compromised.

Through MFAT, the Government of Samoa will continue to monitor the safety of our Embassy staff and their families, and pray for the safety of all families and communities in Belgium.


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