The Hope for Cancer Institute was introduced to the Government and people of Samoa this week in Apia.  

The introduction ceremony was held at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital, Motootua where Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi officially welcomed members of the Institute.

“The Hope for Cancer Institute had requested our Government, for some time, that they wanted to come and hold deliberations here with the intention of setting up a cancer clinic in Samoa,” said Tuilaepa.

“This institute will focus on using herbal treatments to toughen the human immune system to withstand cancer and other disease viruses.”

Lead by its founder and Medical Director, Dr Antonio Jimenez the Hope for Cancer Institute, which was established in the year 2000, promises to treat Samoan cancer patients locally as well as drawing in ‘medical tourists’ from the region.  

Dr. Jimenez said the Hope for Cancer Institute’s business summary included inviting medical tourism into Samoa leading to several new revenue streams for the country and providing treatment opportunities to help solve the immediate health challenges being faced by the local Samoan population, namely, diabetes and obesity.  

It also promises to treat Samoan cancer patients locally, while reducing costs for obtaining treatments abroad as well as reducing the expatriation of foreign exchange.  

According Dr. Jimenez, the institute’s focus is to heal disease and improve their patients’ quality of life.

He said the institute hopes to provide effective and safe alternative healing treatments to cancer patients who may not wish to undergo treatment through conventional medicine.  

“We understand that the Samoan government has no alternative but to send cancer patients abroad at considerable cost for treatment, lodging and boarding, and travel – with a very low success rate,” Dr. Jimenez.

He said establishing a clinic in Samoa would lower the cost of treatment, ensure that patients do not have to deal with strong side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and have the opportunity of living a better quality of life in the comfort of their own homes, close to their families and loved ones.

He said they have treated over 10,000 cancer patients at their two medical centers in Baja, California and Cancun in Mexico since Hope for Cancer was established.

Samoa National Health Services Chairperson, Tupuola Oloialii Koki Tuala said about $13 million is allocated by the Samoan Government for treating cancer patients overseas within one financial year.

Dr. Jimenez said their treatment programme is guided by seven key principles of cancer therapy.

The seven principles:  

  1. Non-toxic cytolytic & cytostatic therapies: These are alternative treatment approaches focus on the selection of non-toxic therapies that treat the disease without harming healthy cells or the body’s metabolic system.
  2. Enhance and Optimize the immune system:  As we target killing cancer cells with our non-toxic therapies, we focus on building up the immune system so that the body can take over the battle and return to a normal state of health.
  3. Full spectrum nutrition: Improper eating habits can become one of the primary causes of cancer and chronic disease. This also implies that changing eating habits can go a long way in helping resolve the disease.
  4. Detoxification: The level of toxins in our environment has escalated dramatically and can be held directly responsible for disease based on the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink or bathe in. Periodic cleanses and juicing, accompanied with daily nutrition habits are also recommended to our patients.
  5. Eliminate microbes and pathogens: In addition to cleanse protocols, treatments such as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UNBI) helps kill pathogens in the blood.
  6. Oxygenation: The disease state of cancer and many chronic diseases is typically oxygen deficient. Improving oxygenation creates conditions healthy for normal cells to thrive while reversing pathogenic states.
  7. Spiritual and emotional integrity: Our spiritual state has a deep connection with our biological being. Spiritual well-being is also promoted by helping patients connect with their faith.
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