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31 August 2016

Nofotane project launched

The Nofotane Project was launched by the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) yesterday morning, in which the group aims to improve the economic empowerment of women and to increase women’s participation in domestic and community matters. 

Chairperson of the Project Advisory Committee, Mulipola Anarosa Molioo made the welcoming remarks and highlighted that this project will focus on improving the quality of life for married women living with their husbands’ families.

“That is the general definition of nofotane,” said Mulipola.

She said when SVSG first opened its doors, it was a sanctuary for children and survivors of sexual abuse but it has since broadened its scope to provide support for victims of other circumstances, such as the plight of nofotane.

She said the number of cases relating to nofotane had increased and could not be ignored.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi delivered the keynote address acknowledging the grant of USD$200,000.00 from the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality to implement the two year programme entitled “Economic Empowerment of Nofotane Women in Rural Samoa”.

“Gender equality for nofotane, through economic empowerment is the focus of this project,” said the Prime Minister.

“For this project to make any difference, a change in mindset is needed from village leaders.  The SVSG has pledged to continue their advocacy training for village representatives, to influence village elders, church leaders and family leaders towards the mindset that equality of the sexes is important for the economic empowerment and growth of our communities.

“Today, we bear witness to the growth of the Group, from just a provider of sanctuary for children survivors of sexual abuse, to a strong advocate for justice and for peaceful families.

Tuilaepa said the Government of Samoa provided funding support for the Samoa Victim Support Group in 2010 to implement the nation-wide ‘No to Rape & Indecent Act’ campaign.

SVSG’s programme is one of the 24 funded programmes, selected from 1400 applicants worldwide by the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality, to be implemented in 2016-2018.  This is a first for Samoa and the first for the Pacific region.


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