The Minister of Health, Afioga Tuitama Dr Talalelei Tuitama officially opened the Samoa Primary Health Care Centre last week Friday at Motootua.

The centre is located at the former maternity ward, in a building that was originally built by the New Zealand government in the 1970s.  The upgrading of the old building was funded through the Health Sector Wide Approach Programme (Health SWAP), a partnership between the World Bank and governments of Samoa, Australia and New Zealand.

“This is Government’s initiative to synergize with other important national development efforts and planning for the next fifty years,” said Tuitama.

The building has been divided in to three separate sections with Block A providing services relating to Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV and Aids, Tuberculosis, immunization and nutrition.  Block B will house the blood bank and Block C will provide antenatal care, community outreach and a recreational area for children.

The World Bank group representative, Maeva Betham-Vaai who spoke on behalf of the Health SWAP development partners said despite the emergent sector challenges, Samoa can be rightly proud of its many health achievements such as the opening of the primary health center today.

“We applaud the Government for implementing such initiatives,” said Mrs Vaai.

“I believe, the Government of Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and the World Bank, have a productive partnership in the health sector. We look forward to continuing this partnership in development in the years to come.

“We welcome the Government’s recognition of the need to “go back to the basics” putting emphasis on primary health care as a cost effective way of addressing health concerns going forward.”


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