14 November 2016

Cabinet has confirmed the suspension of Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil, pending investigations and a court decision on charges filed against him.

Commissioner Keil had today resumed his duties, having being reinstated by Cabinet last week, after charges on a separate matter had been withdrawn against him by an independent prosecutor.

Acting Prime Minister, Tuitama Dr Talalelei Tuitama, said that it was important that the proper processes were followed.

“Earlier today I met with representatives from the Attorney General’s Office and Police, who confirmed that Commissioner Keil was remanded in police custody due to new charges being brought against him.

“Cabinet met after the proper processes, procedures and paperwork had been completed, and based on the charges, the decision was made to suspend Commissioner Keil until this issue has been resolved and following the proper judicial process.”

Tuitama also made assurances that Police services would continue as normal and Assistant Commissioners would continue to be rotated as Acting Commissioner until the resolution of Mr Keil’s case.

“This is a peaceful country and we treat each other with respect, so I urge all Police personnel to remember that as they undertake their duties in service of this country.

“The community has nothing to worry about. Our laws are there to protect us and I’m confident that the Police will continue to play a key role in keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of our community, regardless of any charges or suspensions.”

The suspension of Commissioner Keil is effective immediately and is in line with standard procedures to ensure fair review and resolution of his case.


One Response to PR: Commissioner of Police Suspended
  1. Absolutely disappointing to see how this has played out on social media and news media in general. The public expressing their views of no confidence in our law enforcement on social media; tarnishing our government & country’s image. These allegations against the commissioner has been ongoing for 3 months and how these new charges were not laid then, raises a lot of questions around the integrity and professionalism of our police men & women. You only need to click on Facebook to find an overwhelming support for the commissioner (if only the same can be said for our police community). I hope this whole situation would be over and done with soon. Right or wrong; the losers out of this is the taxpayer and our great nation.


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