The reconstruction of the Maota Fono (Parliament House) at Tiafau, Mulinu’u is well underway with the foundation of the building nearing completion.

The building has been designed by a consultant team led by Manteena Australia and is being constructed by Craig Construction Limited. Project Manager Daniel Nazdin of Manteena says they have completed extensive work operations to provide a strong and stable base for the structure.

“We have made significant progress in placing the concrete foundations, beams and slabs, with concrete columns and walls to be going in after the new year.”
Mr Nazdin says progress on the steel roof structure is expected by March-April 2017.
“That’s when the new building will finally become visible over the construction fence,” he said.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Afioga Leaupepe Toleafoa Apulu Faafisi is pleased with the progress so far.

“I have received a report on the construction work so far for the new building and it’s an exciting to know that everyday we move closer to completion and everything is going well.

“The building is being constructed to a standard that will withstand natural disasters, which is important to remember as it is located near the coast.

“I want to thank the Government of Australia for their generous assistance and partnering with our Government in funding this building.  I know our Members of Parliament are eager to enter this new Parliament House.”

Australia’s High Commissioner Sue Langford said she was pleased with the progress so far, which was discussed at bilateral talks between Australia and Samoa recently.

“This important project is testament to the strong relationship between Australia and Samoa.”

The building meets the Samoan Building Code and relevant Australian and New Zealand Construction Standards. It takes into account climate resilience and occupational health and safety guidelines.


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