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Tuuina atu galuega i le kamupani konesale o le NIWA

Ua faamaonia e le Kapeneta le tuuina atu o le konekarate mo le faafaigaluegaina o le kamupani konesale a le National Institute of Water & Atmosphere (NIWA) latou te faatinoina galuega faakonesale mo le poloketi o le Vaomatua ma le Vaaitau.


O lea tauofoga na faasalalauina mo le silafia lautele ma e tasi lava le kamupani na tauofo ane mo lea galuega.


Sa iloiloina ofo a lenei kamupani e le Soa Komiti e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tusi o tauofoga ma tuuina mai ai loa le fautuaga mo le faia o le faaiuga a le Kapeneta.

Contract awarded for NIWA Consultancy Firm

Cabinet has awarded the contract for Forestry Meteorology Specialist to the National Institute of Water & Atmosphere (NIWA) Consultancy Firm.


The tender for bids was advertised for public interest and only one company submitted an application.


An assessment was conducted by the Sub Committee according to the tender bidding document before a recommendation was submitted to Cabinet for its final decision.

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